Nooters club will donate $5 from shirt sales to Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition!

A cause-centered company. NOOTERS Club® is committed to
no more homeless pets through spay & neuter. We:

  1. Raise awareness with our whimsical products.
  2. Raise money for collaborating rescues.
  3. Provide resources with our low-cost spay/neuter directory.

Join the cause and help us get the word out about pet spay & neuter!

my pet's a member

The story behind NOOTERS Club®

NOOTERS Club® was started by Linda Wasche, a long-time member of the animal rescue community and owner of a Michigan marketing practice that works with veterinary hospitals.

NOOTERS Club® started as a joke. Linda created one of the cartoons for a veterinary practice that was considering changing its name. At the urging of friends and fellow animal advocates, she developed more cartoons enlisting the help of a graphic designer to refine her rough drawings. Linda also trademarked the designs.

NOOTERS Club® items are now sold through pet expos around the Midwest as well as online at www.NOOTERSClub.org. A part of proceeds goes to rescue group and animal welfare groups. NOOTERS Club® also publishes a comprehensive online directory of low-cost spay /neuter clinics around the U.S. and Canada.

Linda’s favorite part is the double takes she gets at pet expos and adoption events when people think that the DOG, CAT and RABBIT characters represent the well-known chicken wing restaurant. She tells them “Look again! Our products promote pet spay and NEUTER!”